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Radiant heating Specialist
Residential, Commercial, Industrial Plumbing, Heating & Fire Suppression
Sales, Service, Repairs, Troubleshooting, Maintenance.
Completed Project Lists
  • Pencil Factory Residential Condo 122 west street Brooklyn NY. 6 story Rehab and New contruction 94 unit Luxury Condo with Gym, parking Garage, and Recreation room. 
  • Chocolate Factory 275 Park Ave Brookyln NY. 6 Story Residential Rehab of existing landmark building, 123 Unit rental apartment building with Restaurants, Storage Facility, Parking Garage, and Supermarket.
  • La Mer Villa's 2908 Emmons Ave Brooklyn NY 24 unit Residential Townhouse Condos with Spa, Commercial Retail, Parking Garage, and Marina.
  • Ocean Promenade luxury waterfront residential condo 118-14 ocean promenade Rockaway Park NY. 26 unit Luxury Condo with Parking Garage and  Pool on the roof.
  • Hotel St. George 100 Henry street Brooklyn NY. 213 unit 11 story Hotel Rehab of Existing Landmark Building.
  • 1545 St. Marks st. Brooklyn NY - 16 unit 4 story Residential Building.
  • 1757 Sterling Place, Brooklyn NY 32 units 4 story Residential Building.
  • Sea Breeze Residential 135 Sea Breeze ave Brooklyn NY  36 unit New Contruction Luxury Condo with Multi unit Medical Facility and Parking Garage.
  • 2388 Ocean Ave, Brooklyn NY. 32 unit New Construction Luxury Duplex Condo with Multi unit Medical Facility and Parking Garage.
  • 2408 Ocean Ave, Brooklyn NY. 32 unit New Construction Luxurt Duplex Condo with Multi unit Medical Facility and Parking Garage.
  • 2800 East 29th St. Brooklyn NY. 18 unit New Contruction Luxury Condo with Parking Garage.
  • 1806 Voorhies Ave, Brooklyn NY.18 unit Residential New Contruction Condo with Parking Garage.
  • 2943 Brighton 4th St. Brooklyn NY. 19 unit New Contruction Luxury Duplex Condo with Parking Garage.
  • 3411 Guider Ave, Brooklyn NY. 6 unit Luxury Townhouse Condo with Parking Garage.
  • 3429 Guider Ave, Brooklyn NY. 18 unit Luxury Condo with Parking Garage.
  • 1108 Lawn Ct.  Brooklyn NY. 6 unit residential New Construction  Condo.
  • 2511 Ocean Ave Brooklyn NY. 32 unit New Contruction Condo with Multi Unit Medical Facility and parking Garage.
  • 387-398 Dean St. Brooklyn NY. 16 unit New Contruction Condo.
  • 2112 Dorchester rd. Brooklyn NY. 24 unit New Construction Condo.
  • 328-330 Bergen St. Brooklyn NY. 20 unit residential New Construction Condo.
  • 939 Union St. Brooklyn NY. 17 story 22 unit residential New Construction Condo.
  • Kenneth Lipper Residence New York NY. Luxury Manhattan Townhouse. service and maintenance
  • Billy Joel Residence New York NY. Luxury Manhattan Townhouse Rehab Construction of Existing Building
  • 9 Brighton 5th Place, Brooklyn NY 10 Story 32 Unit Residential Condo with Multi Medical Facility and Parking Garage
  • Rohatyn Residence 12 E94th St. New York NY Residential Townhouse Rehab of Existing Building.
  • Santiago Calatrava Residence New York NY Residential Luxury Townhouse. 

Residential Construction.
  • Body By Brooklyn Spa and Health Center 275 Park Ave, Brooklyn NY. Russian/Turkish style Bathhouse with Restaurant, Massage and Facial treatment.
  • Trumans Salon 120 E. 56th St. New York Mens grooming salon service and maintenance of plumbing and heating systems.
  • Brooklyn Navy Yard. Brooklyn NY Gas system and meter Installation
  • Peter Luger Steakhouse, 178 Broadway Brooklyn NY. Rehab of Landmark Building Plumbing system kitchen renovations all During, and without Disruption of Restaurant, during normal business hours.
  • United Nation school New York NY installation of Radiant Floor Snow melt system
  • NYU Law Library 70 Washington Square south New York NY. Installation of new water meters and shuttoff valves without disruption of existing water site connections street side.
  • USS Intrepid Museum West side highway New York NY installation of gas system and heating generator units. 
  • Callen Lorde Medical Facility, 356 West 18th Street New York, NY New Construction Medical Facility.
  • Hotel Le Bleu 370 5th Ave Brooklyn NY 48 Unit Boutique Hotel with Parking Garage and Rooftop Restaurant
  • 6101 16th Ave Brooklyn NY Bais Sarah Yeshiva. 3 story existing factory conversion to high end Yeshiva. Plumbing, Heating, Fire protection, Designed and Built by Smart Plumbing. 
  • J&R Music and Computer world. Building 17,23,1,25,31,33,34,15,19,27 Park row. New York NY. New Plumbing, Heating, Fire Protection, Maintenance and Service.
  • Le Jolie Hotel Brooklyn NY. Boutique Luxury Hotel, Plumbing service and maintenance, Domestic booster pump installation.
  • 1 Police Plaza New york NY. Fire Pump Hydrostatic flow tests.
  • Jewish Museum 1109 5th Ave New York NY, Building Plumbing, Heating, Fire protection service and maintenance.
  • Kosher Delight 1223 ave J Brooklyn, 1359 Broadway New York NY. rehab of existing commercial spalce, Plumbing Heating, Fire Protection, building service and mainenance.
  • NU Hotel 85 Smith St. Brooklyn NY. Building Plumbing, fire protectoin, Heating, service and building maintenance.
  • ​Oceana Residence Luxury ocean front condo Brooklyn NY. Building plumbing serice and maintenance.
  • 430 w45th St. New York NY. 3 story office condo. Rehab of exisiting building Plumbing, Heating, Heat exhangers, backflow preventers, design and build. 
  • Center for Jewish History 15 w17th St New York NY. Building Plumbing maintenance and service.
  • Artisinal Fromagerie and Bistro, 2 Park Ave, New York NY. Rehab Of Existing Kitchen Plumbing and Gas system.
  • Cesca 164 W75th St. New York NY. Plumbing, Heating, Fire Protection, service, installation, and maintenance.
  • Accademia Di Vino 1083 3rd ave, 2427 Broadway New York NY Plumbing, Heating, Fire Protection, service, installation, and maintenance.
  • Broadway-Bushwick - US Postal service Brooklyn NY, new contruction Plumbing, Heating, Fire Protection. 
  • 1469 Broadway ACE integration head start school Brooklyn NY, new contruction Plumbing, Heating, Fire Protection, Service, and Maintenance
  • Young Israel of North Woodmere, Woodmere NY New Construction Plumbing, Heating & Fire Protection.
  • Brooklyn Nursing Home St Joachaim anne residence, Brooklyn NY, Gas meters, Cogen unit connections, water heaters.

Commercial Construction.